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Angel Investors or Crowdfunding – How Are They Different?

Angel Investors or Crowdfunding – How Are They Different? Obtaining funds for a startup business is not a cakewalk. At one time, it meant meeting with different investors and using short appointment times trying to convince them about the profitability

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Crowdfunding Project

4 Tips to Prepare Your Crowdfunding Project If you are thinking about going for crowd source funding for your business project, you should note that it is not as easy job as it is made out to be. One of

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3 Major Advantages of Crowd Funding

3 Major Advantages of Crowd Funding These days, more and more entrepreneurs and start-up business owners are trying the online fundraising phenomenon that is referred to as crowdfunding. This type of funding involves the collaboration of various individuals from different

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CROWDSOURCING A major advantage derived from using the internet for crowd funding is that the internet makes it possible for information to spread all over the world, thus increasing awareness for the project or idea in dire need of financial

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CROWDFUNDING Crowdfunding is also referred to as micro patronage, donations, sponsorships or tip jars. Whatever name it is called, it still boils down to people offering direct financial support towards the work of other people by making donations over the

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