How to Get Angel Investors Attracted to Your Business

How to Get Crowd Sourcing Investors Attracted to Your Business?

Getting crowdsourcing investors attracted to your business is not a simple task. Investment is a tricky issue and investors are always looking for surety and safe business ideas before putting their money in the line. The rise of crowdfunding might have made finding investors easier for you, but getting people to actually invest money into your business – even through a fundraising website – can be quite difficult. This is exactly the reason you should read on and know about various ways in which you can get people to crowdfund your venture, and not look for grants from some traditional lending organizations.

Use the best platforms

Many people have the misconception that they can get similar type of success with their crowdfunding campaigns on any fundraising website that they use. However, with the help of the best crowdfunding sites, you can increase the chances of success for your pitch. Look for websites that charge lower project fees, enjoys a higher rate of success, has more user traffic and accepts any type of project.

Using the best rewards

With the help of crowdsourcing, you can get funds more easily. However, you need to offer something valuable in exchange to your contributors and backers. Unlike traditional organizations, such as backs and lending institutes, that issue grants and need borrowers to pay back money at high interests, you do not have to pay back typically with money. But you should offer the best rewards to your crowdfund backers in exchange, so that they are interested in putting money into your project.

Using proper fund-raising ideas

You should use excellent fundraising ideas that can help raise the success rate of your pitch. Check some of the landmark and successful campaigns on the best crowdfunding sites out there. Get ideas from the same but do not imitate them. Use them to develop your own strategies and implement them in order to draw the attention of potential investors.

Be professional in your approach

Finally, it is important to be professional in your approach. Whether you are posting images or videos, or posting regular information about your upcoming project or venture, you should ensure that they do not look amateurish. One of the best fundraising ideas is to spend some money on professional video makers in order to create videos that look great and convey your funds pitch information in a simple but attractive way, with proper lighting and camerawork.

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After Your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeds

3 Things to Do after Your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeds

Online fundraising is nothing short of an art, and those who are successful in their campaigns would always tell you the same. If you are short on funds, but dream big about making your startup venture successful, crowd funding is a terrific way to gather the necessary finances. You must have a sound business idea to start with, and promote it in an interesting way to make your funding pitch sound exciting and worthwhile. But what happens when you get people to crowdfund your venture? Even after the campaign succeeds, your work is not over. Here are 3 things to do after the success of your pitch.

Keep backers posted about your venture

How would you feel if you invested in a startup and it seemed like it vanished into thin air after taking your money? Whether you are developing a product or service, or even a project, keep people on crowdfunding websites posted about its progress every week, if not every day. This will keep investors’ faith on you intact, and also help promote your offerings on crowdfunding platforms to scores of new people – who might turn into your customers.

Share stories about your team and efforts

A personal contact matters more than anything. There is a reason why celebrities keep posting even little things about their everyday life on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Introduce your team members and yourself through crowdfund videos. Post about your background and stories about the efforts and hard work on the project of each of the team members on the crowdfunding platforms as well as social platforms. This will help you to build a personal rapport with people and even transform many of them to be eager backers and customers for your offerings.

Offer worthwhile rewards to your investors

Once your venture has found its feet on solid ground, you will be in a position to satisfy them with rewards. Make sure that you do not exceed your means, but at the same offer something that is worthwhile for them. There are lots of crowdfunding websites that do not force startup owners in any way to promise big things to backers in exchange for their funds. But you should do your best to keep your investors happy, so that you can return to them for your online fundraising needs anytime again in future. Heavily discounted services, exclusive products, free exclusive facilities – such as software downloads, eBooks etc can be good crowd funding rewards.

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Raise Capital Using Crowdfunding

5 Tips to Raise Capital Easily on Crowd Funding Sites

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More and more startup businesses, individual entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations are making use of crowdfunding for raising capital for their businesses and projects. However, lack of enough knowledge about crowdsourcing is one of the main reasons why many of them fail to gather enough money. Here are 5 important tips that can help you to raise capital easily on crowdfunding platforms.

Try to be unique

Keep in mind that there is increasing competition in the crowdfunding platforms. Naturally, there is a sharing of the population of contributors and you have to ensure that your funding pitch is a cut above the rest. You need to make use of catchy videos, images, colors and slogans to make sure that your campaign grabs maximum number of eyeballs. Use powerful presentation software such as SlideShare, SlideRocket and Prezi instead of relying on just the good old PowerPoint. Create attractive presentations on fundraising website that can attract investors and make them sit up and take notice.

Be simple and clear

Do not make your goals and business plans too confusing for potential backers. Use as simple language as possible and inform about the type of market that you wish to tap into. Whether you will be targeting a big market or only a niche one, you need to be honest about it with your contributors. It is a bad idea to lie about your agenda and the type of results that you hope to obtain. Explain how you and your team intend to use up the funds gathered through crowd source funding.

Have a professional tone

Create images, videos, presentations and slogans that look and sound professional. With an amateur attitude, you are unlikely to make much progress. Dress properly in the videos and do not turn up with a scruffy beard and in your morning hair and flip flops. With a proper and professional video, you will convey the right message to your crowdsourcing audience and make them feel like you have an experienced team working for you. Use proper makeup and lighting to create a professional ambience on fundraising website.

Present yourself in a concise manner

It is important to keep in mind that you will have to convey your message properly, but not bore your audience. Do not beat around the bush, and express your business plan and expected results in a clear and concise manner. It is never a good idea to take up too much time to make your point, as you are likely to bore your potential backers and go elsewhere.

Try to be yourself

This is an oft-repeated line, which stands true at all times. Do not act or speak in a way that is too different from yourself, or you will come off as artificial to your audience. It is recommended that you take some time out and browse through the professional videos created by other individuals and businesses trying to raise money through crowdfunding. This will help you to understand and pick up the style and create your own pitch in a suitable manner.

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Crowdfunding Vs Traditional Funding

What are the Marketing Benefits of Crowdfunding Over Traditional Funding?

Crowdfunding is a type of crowdsourcing. It is regarded as a business model that includes monetary contributions from a number of users, which can be professional investors or even people engaged in other professions, in order to kick-start a venture or business which cannot be set up by the owner due to financial constraints. It has become a new way to manage things in an economical way. Crowd source funding differs from traditional ways of funding in many ways, and the marketing benefits of this type of online fundraising are numerous.

The campaign data stays put

On crowdfunding sites, even when a campaign gets over, the data is found to stay there on the site. It can be updated always with newer information. It can be great for marketing purposes, due to this reason. However, the traditional ways of funding do not offer any such scope for marketing.

Marketing budget can be saved

With online fundraising, investors can be appeased with attractive perks, rewards and gifts in exchange for the contribution that they make. This is opposed to traditional funding, where backers have to be satisfied with positions in the company and included in the board of directors, given part of the company equity, interests or stocks. This cuts into the profits and marketing budget. With crowdfunding, however, you do not have to give up the control and expenses are saved significantly. Crowd source funding helps entrepreneurs to save costs and spend more on marketing.

Marketing information can be obtained

With crowdsourcing, you can get valuable information from your contributors about marketing and avail proper feedback and market research details. You can get potential backers and actual investors to introduce your product to others and even put you in touch with people who matter. With traditional funding options, you cannot get this type of information, feedbacks and market research. Other than grants from online users, you can get marketing benefits.

Networking opportunities with more people

Crowdfunding sites provide you with a large platform that can assist you to network with large numbers of people. There is the scope to showcase your products or services to them, and even launch test versions of them and get feedbacks to make improvements. Traditional ways of funding and grants allow you to network with just a small number of people. Crowdfunding platforms help you to get access to a large network of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, and this can be very useful for you to find out whether your offerings will be successful once they are launched in the market.

You can validate your offerings

On crowdfunding platforms, you get a sense of validation from many people – including possible investors – regarding whether your services or products will be workable. If you are a startup or new entrepreneur, it is important for you to get some validation regarding the practicality of your project that you are putting your heart and soul into. But you cannot get the scope for any type of validation with traditional funding options.

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Starting a Non-Profit Organization with Crowdfunding

Starting a Non-Profit Organization with Crowd Funding

Nonprofits are depending more and more on crowdfunding campaigns these days. You must have gone through blog posts and news articles about how such organizations are increasingly relying on this type of community based crowd sourcing for getting the funds necessary for their operations. With the help of crowdfund, nonprofits are able to get $9,237 for every campaign. This is a decent sum, when you consider that it comes from social media sites. Read on to know how you can set up your own non-profit organization with the help of this type of funding.

Choose from varied platforms

You can find lots of crowdfunding websites out there on the internet, such as CrowdRise and FirstGiving. You have to consider which of the platforms you should go for. This can be made easier by doing a careful review of how a campaign would perform in a specific site. This should especially be considered with respect to transaction costs, fees and whether you are able to attain your funding objectives with the crowd funding sites that you use.

Think about the money to gather

You should think of this type of funding in the form of a micro fund-raiser. Naturally, the ideal crowd funding campaigns to succeed will be those which are intended for a particular activity, initiate or project. With these, you have a definite time span to gather funds. As a thumb rule, you should try to gather the initial 30% of the money within the first 2 days of starting your crowdfunding campaign.

Do not ignore your faithful contributor base

If you have an already established donor base, you should first start with them as far as the promotions of your campaign are concerned. In some cases, non-profit organizations are found to have the misconception that their crowd funding campaigns will become a success only on the funds that will come from new investors. Although new contributors play a big role in the success of a campaign, it is always a better idea to begin with people you are already familiar with. You can get old contributors to offer support to your fundraising efforts and also get them to spread awareness about your organization.

Use various techniques and methods

While trying to launch and grow a crowd sourcing campaign, you should keep in mind that pace matters a lot. It is a good idea to share your progress and success with supporters by making use of various ways of communication, such as social media, newsletters and email.

Use personal stories

The basis of a successful crowd sourcing campaign is to appeal to the basic emotions of people. This can easily be done by telling a story. While campaigning, it is best not to rely only on hard facts, statistics and growth objectives. If you wish to get people involved and provide you with support, you have to make an emotional appeal to them. Tell them personal stories on crowd funding sites regarding the campaign and how it will make lives better for others.

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Top Things to Remember When Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign

Top Things to Remember When Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign

There are many situations when you are unable to have the kind of money that you need in order to do something important. It might be the dream of your life to start your own business and be a successful entrepreneur who can make his own living and inspire others to look up to him and his success story. However, the lack of funds can come a cropper on your aspirations. It might even be something like gathering money for the medical emergency of a friend or colleague. In such cases, you can turn to any of the online crowdfunding platforms and create a campaign that helps you to strike a chord with others and get the money that you need. Here are 5 things that you need to remember when you are organizing a crowd funding campaign.

Connect to friends and people you know

Starting a campaign from scratch and getting the help of rank outsiders can be more difficult than you may imagine. It is a good idea to use your crowdfunding profile to get in touch with friends, acquaintances, extended family members and people you basically know. The content has to be meaningful and easily understandable. It is a sensible idea to incorporate videos and photos to explain your requirements.

Promote your campaign

It is also important to get your campaign promoted as much as possible. With the help of social media marketing, you can do this more easily. Before choosing a platform for your crowdsourcing requirements, you need to have a good idea about all the options that are available. The platform can be LinkeIn, Twitter, Facebook or even some other social media site that has recently been launched. You should assess whether or not that website can help you to get in touch with potential backers. You should also use mobile apps in order to publicize your campaign. This will help you to broaden the reach of your campaign.

Choose a proper payment option

As far as the platform option is concerned, it is essential for you to understand that investors like to use a platform which comes with easy payment options. A crowdsourcing platform with complicated options is likely to have fewer backers, due to the inconvenience associated. You should concentrate on various payment channels, such as mobile payments, debit cards, credit cards, internet banking etc. Reward Points can also be a good payment option to consider.

Fast Reception of Funds

You should also consider how fast you can get the necessary capital from your crowdfunding platform? It can be better for you to be able to obtain the money as soon as your campaign manages to satisfy the minimum goal. It will be a better option if you are able to get the money before the campaign comes to a finish. Go for a platform that allows deposition of funds directly into your bank account or through use of MasterCard, Visa or some other prepaid card.

Choose the right platform

You can find lots of crowdfunding platforms to gather finances for different causes. Your choice should be guided by factors like ease of use, lower fees, greater user traffic, broader reach etc.

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3 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaigns Successful

Crowdfunding is a newer way to fund a business through the collaboration of people, and it is a crowdsourcing method. This is a voluntary contribution for a business or any type of venture. The owner of a business is responsible for creating the campaign which can help create their new venture and satisfy their own passion for entrepreneurship. Given the sluggish pace of economy, there are many businesses that are relying on crowd funding in order to gather the necessary investment capital. You can find many people using the internet to gather the much needed capital for financing their own venture.

Create an attention-grabbing product

First of all, you need to create a great product which can grab the attention of online contributors and make them feel excited enough in the item to make donations. In order to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, the first and foremost step is to make a high quality item which is exciting and has enough demand in the industry. With a new product, you can satisfy huge demand in a market where supply is limited for similar types of items. This can make you an owner who stands out in the market.

Provide your backers with something valuable

There are many crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter, which do not compel you to promise your contributors a stake in the service or product that you are offering. However, this does not mean that you will only have to offer a stake or something valuable to your benefactors. You can offer rewards to them in the form of discounted products or services. For instance, if you are planning to open up a catering business, you can promise your backers discounted foods and wine during their personal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies and more. This can be quite interesting for people to crowdfund your venture.

Create an exciting, unique crowd-funding sales page

The coming of crowdfunding sites has made crowdsourcing extremely popular with internet surfers. This can help you to stick out among the crowd of online fund seekers. Rather than creating an amateurish video to post on your crowd funding profile page, you would do better to spend your money and time in order to create a video that looks totally professional. This can raise the chances for it to be interesting to users and make it viral on crowdfund sites such as Kickstarter or even on video sharing websites like YouTube. You should use proper images and videos which can exactly reflect your product clearly to your potential benefactors and make them excited enough to fund your venture.

By using the 3 tips mentioned above, you can raise the chances to attract the attention of potential backers and make them interested to contribute money into your business. Keep in mind that the success of crowdfunding depends on making complete strangers back your projects, and you will have to go that extra mile to make them feel enthusiastic about the success of your venture.

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