Enjoy Equity in Your Crowd Funding Exercise

Enjoy Equity in Your Crowd Funding Exercise

Honestly, while searching to enjoy wonderful fundraising experience, there is one thing you must look for in any company you want to hire for the service and that thing is equity. Then, what is equity you may like to know, it is simply treating someone fairly and the way you would like to be treated. That is exactly what you are going to get when you contact the superior and quality oriented team of experts for crowd funding exercise on the internet. The beauty of it all is that you are going to enjoy quality that will guarantee your easy fundraising when you link up to the experts on the internet.

Enjoy Best Fundraising Assistance with No Penalty for Missing Your Goal

Do you know that missing your fundraising goal can put you in debt when you contact unreliable company? In case, you do not know it is just the truth as most companies rendering fundraising service normally include penalty for their clients that fail to meet up with their targeted amount. That is why you need to make sure that you confirm the terms of service of the company you want to hire for your fundraising. You are going to get the money you need to pay up your medical expenses without passing through stress when you contact quality oriented and reliable experts for your fundraising.

Check Out the Most Reliable Crowd Funding Sites on WordPress

Though, there are oodles of crowdfunding sites on the internet today yet, most of them are not genuine in their service. For that reason, you can end up losing your money in the hand of unscrupulous folks when you contact the company that does not have reputation for their service in fundraising industry. That is why you need to know more about myefunder.wordpress.com which is the best website you need to raise any amount of money you need within the shortest of your time.

Why You Need Crowfunding to Fundraise

Honestly, you need not to worry when you need a particular amount to pay up your medical bill as you can easily get the money through crowfunding. The expert fundraisers on the wordpress mentioned above will see to it that you get the quality service and professional idea you need to make success in your fundraising goal. There is no doubt about it, you are going to be in full control of your fund when you allow the experts to handle your service on the link above.

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Use Professional Fundraising Ideas to Fundraise With Ease Online

Use Professional Fundraising Ideas to Fundraise With Ease Online

There are lots of needs that may warrant one to seek for fundraising ideas from the experts on the internet. Some normally fundraise to get money for their personal use like hospital bills, schools and others while others fundraise for charity purposes and event. But, whatsoever is the reason why you want to fundraise, you need professional and well trained experts to walk you through the ideas. Most professionals normally provide their clients with free video tutorials which will help them learn the easier way to safely fundraise.

Enjoy Free Sign Up and Professional Advice for Your Online Fundraising Here

Contacting the professionals that are working with myefunder will make it easier for you to get all the assistance you need to enjoy smooth and easy fundraising experience. More so, you are going to get best and most effective crowd source funding when you checkout the experts on the internet for your fundraising. All these are the reason why you need to know more about the abovementioned fundraising company that have been in the service for many years and have gained great experience in the service. You will also be in total control of your entire money when you link up with them for your fundraising.

Get Ideas Needed For Raising Money for Charity on the Internet

Honestly, raising money for charity is never an easy thing to do as it involved lots of explanations and tricks to convince people to donate money. For that reason, you need not to try doing it all alone as you may end up being frustrated at the end of the day. That is the reason why you need to contact the reliable company that knows the easier and simpler ways to do that. You can even contact the fundraisers through social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and lots more.

Facts on the Crowd Funding Sites You Need To Know

There are some truths you need to know about crowd funding sites before going ahead to select any of them for your fundraising ambition. You must know that more sites normally add hidden charges and penalties to their customers. So, you should be careful the site you choose for the service. You can easily know more about this by going through http://myefunder.tumblr.com/ for you to learn more about the best and most effective ideas for fundraising on the internet.


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Things to Know Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

Things to Know Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

The world has changed a lot financially, and if you are looking for great means to raise money, crowdfunding is one option you should consider. It can easily be accessed, and when used properly – it can help you to attain your crowd source funding goal quite easily. However, it is important for you to know that this is no 1-2-3 process, and raising money from a crowdfunding platform is hardly a cakewalk. Find out a few things about this alternative way of gathering finances before starting your own campaign.

All or Nothing

People who are familiar with fundraising ideas and online fundraising sites are well-aware of the term “All or Nothing”. Simply put, this is the approach followed by Kickstarter, a top crowdfunding platform on which project creators can get the funds that have been donated by contributors only when their fundraising goals have been satisfied. On the other hand, there is another top platform Indiegogo which has the Fixed Funding approach, similar to the “All or Nothing” model, and also the Flexible Funding approach for creators which lets them get the money irrespective of whether or not the objectives are being satisfied.

Fee Policies

The policies about fees also differ across online fundraising sites. All crowd funding sites tend to charge a fee of about 3 – 10% for campaigns which reach their objectives. Some sites do not charge any fees and only ask for a commission once a campaign reaches its goal successfully. The fee structures differ from one crowd source funding platform to another, and you need to choose one according to your budget and requirements. Make sure to check the fees section of the crowd funding sites you intend to use, before actually signing up with them.

Acceptance of projects

There is also the thing about the acceptance of projects that you have to consider. Each crowdfunding platform has its specific rules regarding the type of project that it is ready to accept. Even when a crowdfunding project is not approved, its creator might not always be informed why it has not met with approval. The strictness with which such fundraising ideas and policies are dealt with differs on varied conditions. Sites like Kickstarter tend to be very strict, and approve projects only after monitoring them according to its policies and regulations. However, Indiegogo allows submission of any kind of project, barring only a few on grounds of ethical or legal reasons.

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5 Tips to Make Interesting Crowdfunding Videos

5 Tips to Make Interesting Crowdfunding Videos

Experts in online fundraising would always advise you to create high quality videos for crowdfunding purposes. These days, videos have a higher popularity among online users. These can help you convey your marketing pitch information in only a few minutes. Users find it quite effective to understand what you have to say from these videos. Many just skim through the posts and click on the videos to know what the project is all about. Quite naturally, you have to create interesting videos if you would want people to crowdfund your project. The following 5 tips will help in this regard.

Browse other videos for ideas

If you are new to crowdfunding, it is a good idea to check quite a few videos posted on crowdfunding websites to attract crowd source funding. Note the style and language that is used, observe the camerawork and editing, the brevity of expression, lighting and the manner of communication. Get ideas from the same.

Create simple videos

Do not complicate things too much. Create a simple storyline and plan how the crowdfunding video will roll. Each scene should be well thought out, and be able to convey your information without much distractions. Do not go too much into elaboration, as this will increase the time-span of the videos and bore people who would like to crowdfund your project.

Choose a proper setting

Look for a setting that is clean and proper. Even if it is your office, the backdrop should be clean but comprise of some of your working stuff. There should be enough light, and you should turn up well groomed yourself. Do not make your online fundraising pitch with morning hair and scruffy beard.

Strive for professionalism

If you observe most of the videos on online fundraising sites, you will be amazed at how professional they look. While competing, you will be up there jostling with the best to gather crowd source funding for your project or venture. If you feel that you cannot make videos of such professional level, you can consider hiring professionals for this purpose. The investment will be worthwhile.

Create a rough draft

If you are short on budget, and creating the video all on your own, make a rough draft first. Try to improve it as much as possible and show it to friends and acquaintances. Based on the feedback that they offer, you can improve the video and make it suitable for crowdfunding websites.

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5 Qualities Investors Look for In a Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Qualities Investors Look for In a Crowdfunding Pitch Maker

Crowd funding is a modern way of asking for contributions, and it is growing in popularity. This is one of the most successful ways to raise money online, considering the fact that it helped raised more than 6.1 billion dollars in the year 2013 and is proposed to raise more than 34.4 billion dollars in 2015. The concept is simple, using the World Wide Web to advertise your idea and requesting people from the world over to support it financially. Know about 5 qualities that investors look for in people using crowdfunding sites to raise funds.


Crowd funding can help people get funding from people on the internet, which may comprise of even total strangers, and also get a platform to promote their own services or products. However, considering you are asking for financial contributions from even people who do not know you, you need to be transparent about your business, working team and personal details on crowdfunding platforms. Do not be ambiguous or you may raise suspicions and might not even raise a single cent.


If you come up with a boring profile page on your crowdfunding sites, with lackluster images and ill-defined videos, your marketing pitch is sure to fall flat. People are hardly going to be interested in investing on your project. Clarity is what investors look for, and you should make your point fast and clearly through your videos, images and posts.


Even if your business plan is not a very profitable one, do not cook up facts on crowdfunding platforms and make it seem larger than it actually is. Sooner or later, your trick is going to be found out – especially by investors experienced in online fundraising, who are knowledgeable in various businesses and their profit potentials. Be honest, and you will earn the respect, trust and contributions of your backers.


Online fundraising is one of the best ways to raise money, but investors expect you to be responsive to their queries and feedbacks. Check your crowd-funding profile pages frequently, and respond to them with alacrity. Keep posting information to keep your users abreast of the latest happenings with your project.


Lastly, you should also show your grateful side and thank every contributor on crowdfunding platforms who has made starting the venture possible for you. Send them emails to thank them personally, and remember to compensate them as much as possible with gratuitous gifts from your end, which can be T-shirts, coffee mugs, movie tickets, passes to a concert etc.

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4 Common Things Ignored During Crowdfunding Campaigns

4 Common Things Ignored During Crowdfunding Campaigns

In a post-recession business scenario, crowd funding has emerged as one of the top ways to raise money for startup businesses, ventures and projects. Even people in need of finances for personal reasons make a pitch on crowdfunding platforms and often manage to successfully obtain the funds that they require. However, all sorts of people are trying out this type of funding and many novices without much knowledge of crowd source funding are making marketing pitches. Read on to know about 4 common things often ignored during crowd-funding campaigns, and keep them in mind.

Inserting a video

Many people ignore adding a video to their pages. If you wish to make your crowd funding pitch interesting, you have to insert a video. Create a video spanning 10 minutes in length, and introduce it into the sidebar under the deadline that you have set. Irrespective of the complexity of your project, make your video simple, clean and easily understandable. You should also upload related photos and introduce them into the primary content section of the crowdfunding websites that you are using. With relevant videos and photos, you can add a lot of reliability to your pitch and it can significantly influence potential contributors.

Create proper category pages

You should also create proper category pages and add them into your own crowd source funding profile page. It is necessary to create at least an “About” page to describe yourself as well as your project, a “Blog” page to inform your readers about the latest happenings with your project, an “Acknowledgments” to thank your contributors and list them and a “Feedback” page to let interested people send their comments and suggestions that will initiate conversations. You can also consider adding a page on “More Information” to add related miscellaneous content on the crowdfunding websites.

Introducing a payment module

It is also important to introduce an easy payment module into each page of the profile you have created for online fundraising. Build a payee account at Google Checkout, PayPal or a similar payments processing service. Add info about rewards for contributors in the payment module! This is a vital thing can many people ignore.

Promoting your pitch

Finally, you should aggressively promote your online fundraising pitch. Share links of your crowdfunding platforms pages with everyone you know. You can also harness the power of the social networking websites to this end. Crowd-funding can be one of the best ways to raise money with good promotion and serious marketing efforts.

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Crowdfunding Revolution for Business Finance

5 Ways Crowdfunding Has Revolutionized Financing of Businesses

In the last few years, crowdfunding has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional financing for businesses. Today, it is being seen as one of the best ways to raise money for new ventures. More and more people are turning to this type of alternate funding option in order to get finances as initial capital investment for their gaming sites, films, self publishing, carpentry, designing, photography, catering and various other types of businesses. Read on and know about 5 ways by which crowd source funding has revolutionized financing of businesses.

It has made investors easier to find

Even two decades back, who could have seriously thought of getting into touch with serious investors right from home? Crowdfunding has made this possible, and when compared to traditional funding, you can find backers more easily on crowdfunding platforms. You can convince investors through professional-looking videos, images and posts.

It has made handing over of control unnecessary

Perhaps the most revolutionary thing about crowdsourcing is the fact that there is no need to hand over the control of your business to crowdfunder investors in terms of equity, and have them make decisions for your firm – leaving you with only nominal powers.

It has come with easier promotional benefits

With standard funding options, you cannot get the ability to promote your businesses. Once you post information in the form of creative posts, images and videos on crowdfunding platforms, they remain there forever and attract new people to what you have to offer – whether services or products.

It offers excellent networking benefits

Entrepreneurs and startup business owners lack valuable business contacts, which can help their business grow. On crowdfunding sites, they can come across investors with lots of business contacts. Interested contributors of this type can put them in touch with valuable business contacts, which can increase their business network and provide them with scope for expanding their businesses. This makes crowd source funding one of the ideal ways to raise money.

It comes with market feedback

There is also the option to get feedback from the market about a business idea, product or service that is being offered. Experienced crowdfunder contributors can share their feedbacks on whether the business idea will work and what the potential pitfalls are. Also, users on crowdfunding sites can share their feedbacks on the upcoming service and product, which can help startups to make necessary adjustments and fine-tune their offerings in order to make them more attractive to customers on crowdsourcing platforms and beyond.

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